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New Stanton’s New Daily Grind

‘Daily grind’ likely derived meaning from grist mills.  An historic mill took quite a few steps to get up and running, and to reach that familiar, steady rhythmic hum.  Once running, it ran continuously – a literal daily grind.  Mills ran 24/7, as the weather, supply, and demand would allow.  Grist mills were central to every frontier village grinding grain into flour or feed.  In Westmoreland County as early as 1792, there were 19 grist mills (1) for approximately 16,000 residents (2), a few of which were found locally along the Sewickley Creek near present-day New Stanton.  In 1853, Israel Painter constructed the five-story brick mill, which in the 1940s, passed from the Stanton family to the Hepler family, and was retained under the Stanton Milling name (today a division of Hepler’s Town & Country Enterprises, Inc.).

The big news:  Stanton Milling is delving into a ‘new daily grind’:  COFFEE.  In May 2018, we are opening a coffee shop in New Stanton titled “Stanton’s Daily Grind”.  While for many, the phrase ‘daily grind’ conjures up a monotonous work routine, for us, ‘daily grind’ will take on a double-meaning:  Ground coffee and grains (hence our logo).

This will be a modern coffee shop with historic flavor, where we will honor the significance of grist mills and millers, as well as display artifacts from our mill in a more prominent way.  Additionally, we wish to feature our buckwheat, pancake, waffle, and corn meal products in a new way.

The coffee shop will be located in a brand new building on the site of the historic Garden Center marketplace, adjacent to Hepler’s Hardware.  The new physical address is 814 U.S. Route 119 N, Suite 100, New Stanton, PA  15672, and our virtual address is www.StantonDailyGrind.com.

So if you hadn’t heard via the rumor mill, and you’ve been wondering why we’ve been so quiet for countless months…now you know.  We’ve learned that opening a coffee shop parallels running a mill:  It is not as easy as flipping a switch…  And though we expect it will take a few weeks to reach a familiar, steady rhythmic hum, we hope you will drop by and give us a try.


(1) Reading Howell map.  Library of Congress.
(2) Westmoreland County Community Profile 2012.

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